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To rephrase the opening line of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”: It is a truth universally acknowledged — especially by Jewish mothers — that a Jewish single man in possession of a good fortune and over the age of 35 must be in want of a wife … Matchmakers can substantiate this apparent truth with their own experience.“Men explicitly say to me they want significantly younger women, no matter what age they are,” said Judith Gottesman, founder of Berkeley-based Soul Mates Unlimited, a statewide matchmaking service.I help my clients increase the likelihood of compatibility and a being good match and with someone serious about finding love.Better than the apps referred to in this rather amusing article: But a few local wives have proven to Jewish matchmakers and mothers worldwide that a single woman can take pride in being in her 30s and meet an eligible man not prejudiced by her age.

“When a man comes to my office and he’s around 40 years old, the first thing he wants is to have a family, so he doesn’t want to be with someone who has a limit on having kids,” she said.

“Typically, I think I would kind of brush people off.” On their first date she didn’t experience instant fireworks with Scott, rather, a spark of love that grew brighter with every date. “It’s true what they say, when you relax and go on with your own life.” Diamond, too, always maintained an active and busy life. Third, the question of bearing children shouldn’t hinder the natural progress of a relationship.

“People say you can’t be so picky,” Kleinert Bader said. You can say you’ll marry someone who is divorced or who has kids, but you shouldn’t lower standards to ‘I should go out with just anybody.’ Then you lower your self-esteem.” Gutman of Global Match offers similar advice to female clients above the age of 35. but you may need to compromise about his age, his economic situation or whether or not he has kids.” Second, women should enjoy their lives without a mate. “I think he was more interested in meeting the right person, believing the kid thing would work itself out somehow,” Diamond said of her husband.

As a matchmaker, Gottesman encourages male clients to reconsider their preoccupation with marrying a younger woman, whom they perceive as more fertile, believing that men and women within the same age range are naturally more compatible and more likely to share similar values, goals and lifestyles.

“You shouldn’t be looking at a woman as a baby-maker but as a partner in your life,” she stressed.

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